Koe no Katachi 聲の形
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Yaeko Nishimiya is a cold-hearted single mother tasked with raising Shouko, her daughter, who has impaired hearing. Though Shouko’s disability is a cumbersome one, Yaeko remains determined to raise her daughter into an independent young woman—no matter what parenting tactics she must use. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

Although the one-shot Koe no Katachi won the 80th Weekly Shounen Magazine Newbie Best Mangaka Award in 2008, the content made it difficult for publication on any manga magazine until it was published—after months of legal dispute—in the February issue of Bessatsu Shounen Magazine in 2011, where it got first place in the questionnaires. Ooima Yoshitoki's debut became the manga version of Mardock Scramble instead of Koe no Katachi, for aforementioned legal disputes. The one-shot was re-published in 12th issue of the 2013 Weekly Shounen Magazine.

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